Is Tesla the Future of Transportation?

When it comes to electric cars, Tesla is leading the way. The latest Tesla car has recently been spotted in the Model 3. Is Tesla now the future of transportation? That could be a possibility as oil production begins to slow down.

The newest car out for Tesla is the Model 3. Previously, the company has come out with the Model S and the Model X. Electric cars, in general, are becoming the new trend for the automotive industry. As air pollution is getting worse in some countries, there is a need to find an alternative solution for fossil fuels. Electricity is one such option.


Disadvantages of Electric Cars

It is not just Tesla that is into electric cars. Chevrolet has also come out with the Chevy Bolt, for instance. However, Tesla is still in the forefront of the electric automotive industry as it is primarily producing electric vehicles.

Electric cars might be coming out sooner than expected, but they are still a common thing as of this time. One reason for this is that it is still very expensive to buy an electric car, even with tax incentives.

Another reason why electric cars aren’t a standard yet is that it still has limited range, this is because, there aren’t that many electric charging stations around, as compared to gasoline stations; therefore, it limits the useful range of electric cars then.


The Future

If in the future, there would be more stations to charge electric vehicles with and if the purchase price will be similar or close to an ordinary vehicle, then electric vehicles might be adapted by many people. The Chevy Bolt, for instance, costs $36,995, that is before tax credit wherein it still could lessen its price by $7,500. The Tesla Model 3 is said to be priced at $35,000.

There are also several studies conducted that could add range to electric cars. A research development in Ohio State University for instance, is looking at how to add more mileage to electric vehicles. If electric vehicles can have their range extended, then more people will see them as an alternative to fossil fuel cars.

Tesla isn’t the only one that is producing electric cars; Chevy has already produced another model, while BMW is also looking to create an electric car called the BMW i5. More competition would mean more choices, which would be good for the electric car market as a whole.  It can potentially drive more consumer demand for electric vehicles, which could help in bringing prices down.

All of these are still in the future; it’s not a question of if, but a matter of when. Indeed, the future seems bright not just for Tesla, but for electric cars in general.

Tesla’s car models are so far very elegant – looking vehicles, this is one advantage, as it shows that electric cars need not be completely standard looking but can be sleek and beautiful. If this continues, Tesla could very well be the future of transportation.


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