5 Tips To Prep Your Car For Your Holiday Road Trip

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This year, I plan on taking the entire family to a holiday road trip and to make sure that everything is perfect I did a quick checklist to ensure that my car is holiday road-trip ready. You don’t have to be a mechanic to do it because my tips are very practical that even a 15-year old boy can do it himself. With these 5 tips you can have peace of mind that you’re safe and ready to travel before the big day. So here goes.

Tip Number 1: Check All Fluids

This is very important and you’d be stupid enough if you miss this one. When I say check all fluids I mean check the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, the power steering fluid, the oil, the antifreeze since it’s going to be freezing by December and the windshield washer fluid. The winter season can be ruthless especially if you’re out on the road so you need to be very prepared of what’s ahead. Checking all fluids will ensure that your care will run smoothly during your holiday road-trip.

Tip Number 2: Check Your Battery

You need to change your car batteries every couple of years. If you haven’t checked it in while now is the best time to do it to ensure that your car battery is free of corrosion, in good condition and that all connections are kept secure.

Tip Number 3: Review All Belts and Hoses

If your belts and hoses are frayed, brittle or cracked it’s time to replace them.  Even though these are tiny pieces that may seem trivial to you, if one of these get broken or cracked while you’re on the road your car can breakdown and a holiday car breakdown is the worst thing that could happen to you especially during a supposed fun road trip.

Tip Number 4: Check Your Air Pressure, Your Tire Tread And Its Alignment

If your tires aren’t inflated properly it could be dangerous and your safety will be gravely compromised especially with the slippery roads. And tire inflation may cost you money and it can have a direct effect on your gas mileage. If your tires are uneven or if they start showing signs of wear and tear or if there are bald or bulges on your tires, consider these warning signs that you need to have them replaced as soon as possible. Even if you’re holiday getaway is a week or two weeks’ from now, it’s still wise to have it changed as soon as possible.

Tip Number 5: Check Lights And Wipers

Have a clear windshield is very important because its state will allow you to see the road clearly from any obstruction. Checking your wipers and your lights is very important to your safety. It should be a priority to check your lights both interior and exterior from time to time and to ensure that your wiper blades are in good condition so you can drive safely during a rainstorm.

Bonus Tip

If you are like many people and heading to a place like Disney World then you probably want to listen to your favorite Disney vacation podcast to keep you company along the way and be sure to bring bags for Disney World that will help you have all the things you need in the parks. While your car being in tip top shape it’s also important that you and your family have plenty of things to do during the drive so it’s as enjoyable as possible.


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