About Us

About Us


Our company was established by Elizabeth .J. Sherron, who had a dream to create an automotive service company that, offers nothing short of greatness. She founded the company with the intention to provide top quality automotive services to customers, ensuring that they are left satisfied and happy with fine running cars.


Here at Dutchmanms, we offer quality services at competitive rates and also provide you a fast, competent service, with added value for your money. We understand that the customer is at the heart of every business, that’s why we put our clients first in anything we do.


Dutchmanms has built an impressive motorsport outfit to suit all the needs of motorsport facility owners. We have assembled a team of specialist who can work together as a team or as a standalone specialist to suit your needs. We cater to both amateur and professional racing teams without any bias.


Also, we respect the decisions of our clients and will not make any unnecessary changes to your vehicle without your permission. You will receive the best level of customer service from our well-trained team.


Apart from motorsport vehicles, we also cater to the needs of regular cars which ply the roads and offer repair services for them. We provide tailor-fit maintenance services to suit the needs of your vehicle.


It is a known fact that people tend to ignore their cars and end up spending more than they should because they opt to spend money on cheap maintenance services. That’s how we differ from other companies; we give value added consultancy on how to maintain your cars and how frequently you should get your car servicing done as part of our quality service.


In the case of any arising dispute, we will ensure that an amicable and prompt resolution is reached to keep our clients happy. Dutchmanms exists to serve our customers and ensure that their cars are kept in top condition.


Our professionals are well trained, dedicated technicians who can fix auto problems and are experts in every vehicle type and model. The latest technology is used for diagnosis and services rendered done according to each manufacturer’s recommendations.


As a company with integrity, we will:

  •         Provide top quality diagnostics and repairs to our customers
  •         Ensure that our services are satisfactory to our customers
  •         Provide these services at fair prices.
  •         Use only part approved by the manufacturers


With our work ethic, we will ensure that you and your car are kept safe. With all our service offerings, we are confident that we are the only company you need for any repairs & car service requirements. Call us today and enjoy the services that can only be found at Dutchmanms.